Squashh - Rainbow Trio

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Why choose one flavour when you can have them all? Enjoy 1 bottle of each flavour in our special Rainbow Trio. Enough for 30 homemade protein waters.

1 x 500ml Squashh Orange Protein Cordial

A protein packed, super fruity little number designed to energise you All Day Long. If this doesn’t increase your daily water consumption then nothing will. Invigorating, unmistakable and with all our exhilarating Squashh nourishment.


1 x 500ml Squashh Apple & Raspberry Protein Cordial

This is a dangerously morish addition to your daily protein routine. Crisp apple and rich raspberry, the perfect combination to revitalise and restore. Plus it happens to have the least calories of all the Squashh flavours, if that’s your thing.


1 x 500ml Squashh Lemon & Lime Protein Cordial

Kapow - WOW - our zingiest and most refreshing cordial yet. All the citrus goodness with a sherberty tang guaranteed to give you a reviving zip in your day. Incredibly easy to double-up for extra protein and vitamin benefits.



Squashh packaging is recyclable, the glass bottles are reusable, our labels are industrially compostable and we use zero plastic. Let’s keep doing our bit for the environment.